Our Mission:

To advance the gospel on college campuses and throughout the world through funding missionaries to and from the University of Michigan community who are devoted to the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20).

Imagine a place where thousands of the future leaders of our society gather at the most crucial decision-making point of their lives, a place where they go to develop their views about themselves, about life, and about God. A place where most of our children will spend half a decade of their lives. That place is today’s college campus, and it is one of the most vital mission fields in the world.

Few people realize the devastating spiritual darkness of campuses today. Many students get drunk and sleep with a stranger just as easily as they rent a movie or go to a concert. Professors casually mock the Bible and Christian beliefs as their students dutifully take notes. The choices that many students make with their newfound freedom lead them into deep immorality, profound insecurity, and shattered lives.

But imagine if God were to do something radical on college campuses. What if a church-based ministry that takes the Great Commission seriously and understands the mindset of today’s youth were unleashed at some of the world’s most influential and spiritually empty universities? We believe that such a movement is key to raising up a generation that will passionately engage in the work that God has set before us.

This is the dream of New Life Church and it is a work that God has already begun.

Funding Missionaries Devoted to the Great Commission

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